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Shipping and delivery

Our carriers

Goparts has multiple carriers to make sure you will get your part as fast as possible.
Goparts uses different carriers to make delivery as easy, fast and efficient as possible. The carriers we use are:

  • GLS
  • DHL
  • PostNL
  • Seabourne
Because of the delivery restrictions that are related to the acid used in batteries, we can not send our Battery products to all countries.

The shipping costs we charge differ per country and are calculated at check-out.
Please note that large items such as body panels, windshields and other large, bulky items are subject to a large size percentage, which may incur additional costs.

Additional shipping costs apply as follows:
The maximum length for bulk transport is 150 cm, with a combined length of maximum 360 cm. (1 x length + 2 x height + 2 x width).

Note: Goparts reserves the right to invoice the customer for the additional shipping costs if it appears that a shipment is larger than the maximum allowed package size of 360 cm (1x longest side + 2x middle side length + 2 x short side length + 2 x short side length). Payment must be made via payment methods deemed acceptable by Goparts. The customer receives the invoice and payment request by e-mail.


Why choose GoParts?

  • Easy online ordering
  • All your spare parts from one supplier
  • Shipped and Packed Professionally

Multiple payment options

We offer several payment options. Pay safely and securely with the payment method you are used to.