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The start

SYM stands for SanYang Motor. SYM was founded in 1954 in Neihu Taipei by Huang Chi-Chun and Chang Kuo An. SYM initially started as a manufacturer of bicycle generator lamps with only ten employees and a small old office. With perseverance and determination, Sanyang Industry has become one of the most successful companies in Taiwan. Sanyang's three major production bases are in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Over the past 50 years, they have concentrated on continuous research and development and advanced technology; this has helped to build up its international reputation as a leader in the motorcycle industry.


In 1954 Sanyang Electrics was formed to manufacture dynamoelectric light sets for bicycles. It was restructured into Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd. and entered a technical agreement with Honda in 1961 to begin local assembly of motorcycles. In 1969 assembly of small Honda cars began. in 2002 SYM signed a contract with Hyundai and currently assembles much of their lineup for the Taiwanese market. In July 2005, Sanyang launched a new range of two-wheelers for sale in the European market. The range includes the GTS scooter (available with 125 cc, 200 cc and 250 cc engines), the MIO scooter (50 cc and 100 cc), and two ATV models: the Trackrunner leisure ATV (200 cc engine), and the 250 cc Quadlander off-roader.


SYM sells multiple sorts of vehicles. They produced and sold scooters, motorcycles, Cubs, ATV's and light trucks and vans. A sample of their populair scooters are: Fiddle, GTS, Orbit and Mio.

The numbers

Since it began, the company has produced more than 800 thousand automobiles and 16 million scooters and motorcycles. SYM invests a lot in research and development and are very proud of their dedication to regularly presenting new products. SYM has factories in three counties, all of which are controlled with strict principles for management and quality assurance; this strength has been the basis of their continued success.

SYM is now one of the largest scooter manufacturers in the world. They manage quality accredited factories, have 2,400 employees and produce over 2,500 scooters a day!


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